Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tikoy Ramblings

I am currently stuck on my back because I have a sleeping baby on top of me. I really need to do a lot of things but when your child is sleeping soundly it is hard to move. Thankfully blogger has an app that I can use. 

This week is the Chinese New Year and it is the wooden sheep. So in celebration of my really, really, really small chinese heritage, I have tikoy. I have very fond memories of tikoy since I was a child. Before we transferred to Paranaque, I spent my first five years in Tondo that means trips to Binondo was almost a weekly thing. 

Now I am thinking of how to prepare the tikoy I have in the fridge. My choices are the traditional fried with egg, tikoy butchi, and turon tikoy with langka. I might end up making all three with my tikoy.