Friday, February 6, 2015

Cooking for My Family

At the start our relationship, my wife and I laid out all the cards and these included chores we are willing to do, food we don't like, and shows we like to watch. One thing we have decided is that I do the cooking, thankfully, I have some experience. I grew up learning to cook at a young age and My dad is an inspiration since he did most of the cooking and was willing to experiment with new things.

Now I do all the planning, groceries ,and preparations for all our meals. My Facebook feeds is now filled with pictures of meals I cooked and even our meal plan for the week. At first, I started safe with recipes I grew up with it. Eventually I got a little adventurous and tried recipes that I always wanted to make. 

My next goal is to learn how to bake bread and pastries. I just need to get a more awesome oven and more confidence.