Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thursday Highlights

My motivational wallpaper for today

It's only noon here in my part of the world but it has already been a eventful day. I am writing this post before I return to work.

- When God showered the world with the talent of singing I was wearing a raincoat, boats, and an  the size of a small European nation, that hasn't stop me from trying. Sophia now response to me when I start singing to her, though I think I need to learn more children's songs.

- Finished our weekly groceries before lunch. I now know making a list of the things you need to buy keeps the bill down and avoid waste. Marinated all the meats so it will be easier to cook.

- Bed Frame is 50% complete. I still need to do the finishing and some adjustments.

- In the casual gaming world, I am definitely addicted to Adventure Capitalism. Marvel Puzzle Quest has released one of my favorite characters, the Iron Fist. 

- My imperial guard helmet will be arriving to day. I am so excited!

Hopefully I will get some rest later.