Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Naked Man

My Tuesday didn't start so good, I didn't get enough sleep the night before and got annoyed with one of Elaine's employees in the morning. I did most of my morning tasks begrudgingly and the highlight of my morning was playing AdVenture Capitalism. Pretty Sad indeed, I was suffering another bout of ennui.I then decided to post about it in social media because normal people do it all the time, and my good friend Paul Catiang suggest I have some naked time to fight of my ennui. It made me laugh a lot and as I thought about it I realized I have nothing to loose and I am now naked.

Currently contemplating which pose

Do not worry, you will not see any pictures of my glorious body that will make you rush home, hug your love ones, and ask them for forgiveness. I still have my insanity intact, but did realized some things:

1. I really do have a body of a god and his name is Silenus the Greek god of drunkenness. You thought I was gonna say Buddha, but Buddha is way healthier then me.

2. I desperately need to loose weight. I am not getting any younger.

3. The only missing from me is bodily and facial hair and I will be officially a bear.

That is it for now, I need to get dress for geekfight and it is kinda getting cold.