Friday, February 27, 2015

Adulting Problems and that Dress

A common trend in my social media news feed is exhaustion from being an adult or 'Adulting' as one friend said, and the really confusing dress that has been spreading around. Since I have no bright ideas for a post today let me share my inputs on these two topics.

It is blue and black
So let me start with the dress, according to Gawker this picture from Tumblr has started a debate in internet on what is the color of the dress above. Is it gold and white, blue and black, and at certain angles brown and really light blue? I can honestly see all three types especially if I move in a different angle and lighting. Many sites have tried to explaining this and I will not try since I am not an expert on the matter, but it does say something in the matter of perspectives. Different people have different views of the same thing and I know that it is a great thing since it gives our lives some diversity and new perspectives. The best thing we could do is enjoy it and be kind to one another, People will not always agree with your way of thinking or how you see things, but doesn't give you any right to put them down (Except those who use the term bae. Those should be killed in sight. :P ).
Calvin's Philosophy
Being an adult is a great part of one person's life. The freedom to decide for one self has never been more apparent, but this greater freedom also comes with greater responsibilities (Thank you Uncle Ben!). Sometimes this overwhelms a person and makes one drop everything and take a nap. I am currently experiencing it and I am looking forward to the weekend where I am just going to relax and enjoy my time with my family and friends