Saturday, February 21, 2015

Ryuutama Session 1: Tristan's Journal

Day 21, Resplendent Spring Dragon 15 ATB

Weather: Sunny
Condition: Tired
I finally found my journal in the chest inside the repair kit's bag. That bad little monkey must have hid it there. I don't remember why I accepted him as payment in the first place. I guess I found him cute during the time.

I feel awfully tired today, Aya our resident minstrel was snoring again and our fearless leader Petre the Container Artisan as he likes to be called is also cranky. I really should talk to her about snoring soon, but she was really nice when she gave the walking stick she got from the dragon statue.

We meet a weather oracle named Joshua on the way to Ifa. He seems to be nice fellow, a bit distracted but nice. I think he got duped by some bandits into giving up his things or they just left because he was busy predicting the weather. He said it was going rain tomorrow. We also made a deal with Joshua to help him get his things back and travel with him to Ifa in exchange  for 4 letters of entrance to a great library in the town we are headed. I don't know how great it would be considering it is just town but I do hope there is a map so we can properly prepare.

Aya manage to find a campsite nearby, and by the dragons the "friends" that took Joshua's things and donkey were there. I forget to mention donkey and her name was Ambersky I think. I am not sure but we did find it roasting beautifully over the fire. Thankfully, Joshua didn't notice and he was already feasting on beloved animal even before anyone could say a word. Back to the bandits, there were 4 of them, Bob a scrawny guy that carries a whip, Billy a giant of a man, and the twins whose names eludes me right now. Petre managed to get a truce, thanks to his legendary spit shake. 

I guess that is for now, must setup camp. Nobody is gonna help me again, Aya singing with her harp and Petre is having a 'Who has the bigger balls match' with Bob

Day 22, Resplendent Spring Dragon 15 ATB

Weather: Rainy 
Condition: Still tired but not cranky

As predicted by Joshua, it is raining today and I am done setting up camp and just taking my time to write before I go to sleep.

I taught Billy how to pat friends in the back but I forgot to tell him not to overdo it. Bob ended up with a limp. :P He tried to get back at us by telling Billy to give everyone in the party a big hug but it backfired when he tried it with Petre. Hehe!

The rain made the journey a little difficult but we did manage to find a giant tree with enough leaves and branches to shelter us from the rain. Some of the stumps have been worn down by other travelers making it easier to setup camp here. Though in hindsight it might not have been a good idea, since it might get hit by lightning and we all die a fiery death.

There was a koneko goblin looking depress with us under the tree. Aya did most of the talking and I was busy setting up camp. I think it was looking for something. I personally think koneko goblins should be approached with caution, yes they are adorable cats walking upright but they are called goblins for a reason.

We also managed to irritate some walking eggs but we did get rid of them. I don't understand why Aya keeps on insisting we kill it in a special way, but could not tell us what that special way is. We ended up with some egg yolks and shells that Petre is currently preparing we can use or sell.

Joshua informed that we will arrive to our destination tomorrow and that the weather will be better. He also told me that will be a festival. I can't wait to go there, I am out cash and we need to replenish supplies.