Monday, February 9, 2015

Being Home Alone

My family stayed at my in-law's house for the weekend because I have a bad case of the colds. So I was home alone during that time, if I were single I would have thrown a party or hibernated for 48 hours. Unfortunately, I am married with three kids so I got really lonely and bored. So here are the list of things I did to pass time before I sink to despair.

1. Facebook stalking, when you have nothing to do and there is nothing eventful happening the best thing to do is look at other people's life.

2. Read. I read a lot and I mean a lot. I finished 4 books and was able to update myself with some webcomics and manga 

3. Eat. Too bad it was mostly canned foods and instant noodles. I didn't have enough strength to cook.

4. Sleep. It wasn't my usual I hibernate like a bear but I still slept a lot.