Saturday, February 14, 2015

Spending Time with Sophia

It's Valentine's Day! Wheee! Don't worry all the romantic and mushy stuff will begin later when the kids are asleep, but for now is the first time I am alone with my daughter Sophia for a considerable amount of time. Elaine and Castle is attending a baptism and since Sophia is only 3 weeks old we decided I should with her.

I am currently making sure that we both survive this experience without any trauma for the both of us. Aside from that it makes you contemplate fatherhood a little bit and what it means to be a father to girl. I have been discussing this with my wife, family, and friends before on how to raise a girl even before Sophia was born, but it is really different when you are holding her in your arms and looking at her small, fragile, and gentle features.

I won't bore with details of what I was thinking, but one thing is for sure I love my daughter and I will do my best to make sure that she will always be happy.