Thursday, February 12, 2015

Random Thoughts on a Thursday Morning

I am not a morning person and I work better in the cover of darkness, but sometimes I wake up really to do a task or chore and I have great difficulty sleeping again. Here are some thoughts that ran through my mind as I try to get some extra snooze.

- if I were to become a transformer, I would probably end to be Irondhide or Ultra Magnus. I feel I am more suited to get job done than lead and be an inspiration to others.

- if the force was real, I would definitely be a sith. Unless I am a little green man with phlegm constantly in my throat.

- if I get to live in DC universe, I want be The Phantom Stranger, so I can be mysterious and irritate a lot of people because I wouldn't talk to them straight.

- I need to learn how to make sausages. Does anyone know one can find sausage casings.

- I need to read more books

- My son Castle snores. Must tell the doctor about this.

- I really need to keep my temper in check.

- I wish I could fly.