Monday, February 2, 2015

If I had Super Powers

As kid, I always wanted to be a superhero with powers. Flight, super strength, laser beams, magic ,and invisibility are just some of the powers I wanted. Thankfully I didn't get to have any of these powers because I realized I would be a super villain rather than a hero, but that didn't stop me from daydreaming once in a while that I have powers. Here are the powers I want if I ever get the chance:

1. The Music Meister's Powers

The ability to break out in song is already a power I have and I had gotten in trouble for that already but to make everyone sing and dance perfectly is awesome, plus you get to sound like Neil Patrick Harris.

2. Luck Powers

Can you imagine the real life applications of this power? An empty MRT car, you always get the toy you want in Kinder suprise eggs, great weather when you go out, and the things you need in the grocery is always available and on sale. I just realize I really have low expectations in life. :P

3. The ability to comprehend any and all languages

Cypher is cool, End of discussion. When you can understand any language you will have an awesome time. He can also understand body language, codes, and computer language. He will be a good in the digital age

4. Optic Blast 

With mutants like Storm, Jean Grey, and Wolverine in the group Cyclops powers seem to be in the low level department. I would like to emphasize that his optic blast is a concussive force and the is the equivalent of eye punching someone and I will not deny that I have done that a lot in my head.  

5. Immortality and Eternal Youth

I honestly don't want to die and I am scared of what will happen if there is an afterlife. Plus if I am immortal, I can wear anything I want since no one will tell an old person what to wear. 

6. Teleportation

I live in Metro Manila and that is reason enough