Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Quest for the Perfect Bed

When my wife and I got married, sleeping beside each other was one of the things I looked forward everyday but that changed when my kid was born. My wife wanted the baby to sleep with us and that is totally understandable, I actually liked the idea at first since I get to cuddle them both when we sleep (Yes my friends I am a cuddlier). Everything went well until my son gained the mutant power to roam around the bed during sleepy time. The info graphic below shows some the positions he has developed over the years. I am currently in the booby trap position.

Now we have another baby on the way and I am (for the sake of my sanity) heavily considering on getting a new bed. It is not easy thing to do apparently, there are so many things to considers when getting a new one. 

First is the size of the bed, we have very limited space in our bedroom so getting something really big like my parents' double king size bed is impossible. Also, there will come a time when your children will be sleeping on their own beds and I don't want to form a search party for my wife every time we sleep because we have a huge bed. 

Second is support and thickness, when I was younger I didn't really care about it (My siblings and I have the mutant ability to sleep anywhere and in any position) but I am no longer sleeping alone and I am getting old. Support is now important to us, back pains is now a real issue in our daily lives. Also kids think that the bed is a trampoline or a wrestling ring where you can jump as high as you want or do a power slam. Currently, I have a foam bed that is dense enough to give me good back support but is still comfortable. 

Third is the material used, as I mentioned earlier we have foam bed and children are drawn to things that they can tear apart. Thankfully, my wife is smart to get a bed cover. The material for the new bed needs to be easily cleaned as well because children have an infinite supply of bodily liquids that they more than happy to spray on your bed. 

Finally is the design and price, I have to face reality that I am an adult now and some of my preference have changed, I want to sleep on a decent looking bed without applying for bankruptcy. Fortunately, I live in the Philippines where custom-made beds are cheaper than branded ones.

And it's morning.