Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Perks of being a Father

I always wanted to write and I have made many attempts but was not able to press on due to a lot of reasons.  So now I want to start with something simple, I want to share my experiences being a father and a geek.

To start things, here are some awesome perks of being Dad (in no particular order):

1. You can dance in public and no one will judge except your wife, children, and anyone in the immediate vicinity.

Must use these moves soon in the mall

2. You have one more reason to buy toys for your collections. Make sure though your kid is exposed to the toys you like.

That is his toy, I am just making sure it lasts. :P

3.  Watching cartoons and playing games is now mandatory, to make sure that it imparts the correct values and research purposes. The same thing applies to junk food and kiddie meals to make sure they are healthy.

4. Daddy jokes are expected no matter how bad joke is. The only downside is your library of green jokes is now heavily censored in your home.


5. You can now start saying " When I was young, we would..". I can't wait to get older so I can be the cranky old man.

6.  And of course this: