Thursday, January 29, 2015

My favorite TRPG characters

One of my passions in life is playing table-top role playing games. Over the years I have played a lot of characters, but some have made an impression in my gaming life. Here are them in no particular order:

Hector Graves - Vampire the Masquerade

This ravnos has been through a lot and has managed to survive, from the feast of folly, releasing demons, and surviving Gehenna. He has been the pawn of the camarilla, sabbat, demons, and antideluvian but has managed to outlast everything. He is a survivor.

Sleepwalker (Samuel Warren) - Adventure!

This pulp-fiction hero is my dream of playing golden-age sandman. Complete with gas mask and sleep gun, he fights injustices in the shadows. Also driving a German who defies death crazy for a millennium is awesome.

Alaunus - Exalted

Saying that I like exalted is an understatement, and playing a lunar exalted is a lifelong dream. A chosen of the moon that flies and  can deflect a titanic essence cannon with a bow and arrow is something for the books.

Hob - Dungeon World

I love the web comic Order of the Stick. So when I had the chance to play a smart fighter that had more common sense than most of the party. I wouldn't miss the opportunity. Killing a dragon with your your dwarven cleric companion is really cool.

Rabbit Minister - Weapon of the Gods

A wuxia themed game. I played the Dick Van Dyke of the martial arts world, able to play any musical instrument to deadly perfection. Also he is married to an all powerful wife, so it is not to far from real life.