Friday, January 23, 2015

Random Thoughts in the Hospital

-A couple hours earlier, my wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. When the doctor went out of the operating room and called my name, I literally jumped from my seat. It is a very wonderful feeling to see child for the first time. At present, I am currently in my wife’s hospital room making sure she is comfortable. She’s asleep right now so I took this moment to write.

Isn't she lovely
-My daughter’s name is Sophia Arianne Del Rosario Hernandez. I know it’s a mouthful and she will hate me when it is time to fill out government forms, but that name was a product of 9 months of extensive deliberation and research, it also involve at least to surveys among trusted friends. The reason for all effort in choosing the name for my child is my obsession in giving unique and awesome names. An example of this would be names I wanted for my second kid, if it weren’t for the intervention of family and friends he would have become Sol Invictus or Metatron (Awesome right?)

-I know that nurses are just doing their jobs but they make sleep impossible especially if you are the watcher. Currently running on adrenaline and gatorade

-7-11 and Mercury has now become a place where everyone knows your name during hospital stays. Mercury employees even give me advice on what meds and supplies are better and cheaper.

-Gatorade has now become my favorite drink during these times. It gives me enough energy to last these past few days. I am trying to avoid sodas since I have notice I have gassy the past few days.

-Galavant has been LSSing in my head since we got here. I actually did sang it when I was entering the front door and people were staring.