Friday, January 30, 2015

Planning for Valentines Day

When you are married with children being romantic is like playing Battle Toads on hard mode. So events like Valentines needs a lot of planning, the same amount of planning when preparing for a company party for 500 employees. So here are my plans for that night.

Venue and Food:
Since Valentines Day falls on a Saturday, it would be insane to go too far from our house. So here are the options I have:
1. Isabelo Garden Restaurant - I have been hearing a lot of good things about this place and it would be nice to try something new.
2. Bellini's - I love this place but I haven't brought Elaine to this place and I know she will enjoy it.
3. Omakase - They have Chirasi Don and that is reason enough
4. Patio Rosario Love Suite - You know what I mean. 😏

I love the twinkle in my wife's eyes when she get something she likes. I have been hit and missed in the gift giving department, thankfully I have learned the not-so-subtle art of showing websites with things she might like and taking note of the things with the most reactions. I am getting her the following:
1. A dozen of white roses, it is her favorite.
2. The biggest Toblerone I can find and afford 😋
3. The one ring (replica)

1. Babysitter is good.
2. Make sure is pampered before the dinner.
3. Spotify playlist is done.

Did I miss anything? Comments and suggestions are welcome.