Tuesday, March 17, 2015

We Should Pay Our Taxes

Taxes season is upon us and the deadline for filing is getting nearer. It is NOT a joyful season filled with love and cheer. It is a season where a majority of us begin to question the effectiveness of our government and accountants are our saviors, but this season is a necessity for the greater good of our country and everyone. Here are some reason why you should pay or file your taxes correctly:

1. It is the law. We are all required to file our taxes regardless of our status in life. Yes there are exemptions,but it is not a suggestion or an optional thing we can ignore. There are penalties in place for not doing the right thing and honestly not filing properly is not worth the hassle and money it brings.

2. The common excuse of any government agency why projects are delayed, why government employees' salary is pathetic (I am talking about teachers, rank and file employees, health workers, policemen, and soldiers here), and services are bad is the lack of budget. Imagine if we take away that excuse from them by paying our taxes properly. It is not much but it is a start.

3. A common reason I hear why most people don't want to pay taxes is because our government will only steal it. Guess what, not paying tax correctly makes you the same as those corrupt government officials because you are stealing from your own country,

4. And lastly, it is the right and decent thing to do. Let us be an good example to our children or the next children, Let us show to everyone that we are law-abiding citizens, believes in our country and wants it to have a brighter future.