Saturday, March 28, 2015

Part of Her World (Triton's Perspective)

I am have been watching a lot of Disney movies recently because of my children and I  just finished The Little Mermaid and I found myself siding with Ariel's father, Triton on almost everything. Then my soda drenched brain came up with the idea of converting the song 'Part of your world' to Triton's perspective. So here it is, I hope you enjoy it and I also hope I am not breaking any laws. :P

Part of Her World

Look at her now, isn’t she great
Wouldn't you think that she's now complete?
Wouldn't you think she’s the girl
The girl I gave everything?

Look at this trove, treasures untold
How many wonders can one ocean hold?
Looking around here you'd think
Sure, I gave her everything

She’s got pearls and corals a plenty
I gave cowries and conches galore
She wants anemones? I got her twenty!
But who cares? No big deal,
She wanted more

She wants to be where the people are
She wants to see, wanna see them dancing

Walking around on those
What do you call 'em? Oh, feet

Flipping her fins, Is not enough for her
She wants to have legs for jumping and dancing
Strolling along down a
What's that word again?

Here where there’s glee, here where we’re free
Here where we’ll stay all day in the sea
Here next to me
Wish I could be, part of her world

What would I give to her make stay
inside of these waters?
What would I pay to spend a day
Warm in her arms?

Here down in sea, we do our best
To love and care for our daughters
Bright young women, gently swimming
Ready to stand

I should let her go where she wants to go
Asking her questions
And get some answers
But I know what fire is – and how it

I know it’s her turn
But wouldn't I love, love for her to stay here down below?
Here by my side
Wish I could be
Part of her world