Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Natalie Dormer Confuses Me

As I was going through my news feed this morning I found a post of friend featuring a music video of Hozier with Natalie Dormer in it. It was a good video and song but what made an impact for me was the mix emotions I felt for the actress. I was strangely attracted to her but at the same time there was seething hatred. Now this is not the first I have express this, I have mentioned it to my wife and some friends before when I watching the game of thrones series.

I want kiss her and rub that smile off her face at same time.
Let me try to explain it a bit, She is very attractive person and based with what I am reading about her in the internet she is a nice and intelligent person. She even got my wife seal of approval and that by itself is an impressive feat.  I would be a hypocrite not to say that I really find her attractive, She also rubs me the wrong way. We all have that person in our lives, that person through no fault of their own we instantly judge we hate without any rational reason. She is also high on that list. 

That is why Natalie Dormer confuses me, I have never felt anything like this before and to end this post I leave you with another confusing thing I saw this morning.

Yes, that is a statue of a doctor cleaning a  kids butt in a very awkward position.