Thursday, March 5, 2015

Thoughts On Being Published

Look at my son's reaction as he watches his Tito Nik
Yesterday a special friend of mine, Niki Yarte posted in Facebook an article about a published individual named Marcelo Santos III and the social media backlash he got when an event called him a writer. Here's the link to the said article:

So who is he? Well, according to the link above and the almighty Google gods, he is a award winning author and is famous for the following things below:

We all have that friend that consistently repost these.
According to research is a Wattpad story
Let me get things straight first, I am not the target market of his works and that means his works has zero appeal to me, and I bear no animosity towards that guy. In fact, I am a little jealous (and that jealousy bring me great shame) of his accomplishment at a young age (my crowning achievement is I have proven to the world that my family jewels are functional).

With these things in mind, I have realized the following things:

  • I like to read things that expands my mind and imagination, Stories that make think and contemplate on what I just read. Stories that touch a large variety of topics and not just a small part of romance (I am talking of where the "kilig" factor is the only driving force in the story). I am already 32, time is short, and I have already found the love of my life.
  • My dream of become a writer is not impossible (I must continue writing my sausage story). I just need more practice.
  • Wattpad stories are cute but they are not for me. A good outcome of these stories is that lot of young people are reading. Hopefully, this will get them to read more books.
  • To be famous, one must find something that attracts your target audience and concentrate with that. You will have haters but they will only increase your popularity.
And with that I leave you with this thing I made:

I can't wait for the book deals. :P