Sunday, March 15, 2015

Ryuutama Session 2: Tristan's Journal - In the village Ifa - Part 1

Day 23 Resplendent Dragon 15 ATB

Weather: Clear
Condition: Still tired

Okay I am going make this a quick entry since we are going to an adventure any moment from now I am just waiting for the nekogoblins to bring the supplies I requested.

The day started pretty good, we were in high spirits and Aya was even more happy than usual. The "bandits" had packed up earlier than and said our goodbyes quite peacefully. Joshua the weather guy disappeared but Aya told us she found his tracks and went on the opposite direction of our destination so I think he is still alive (though he did ran away from our deal, I will make sure he pays double next time I see him).

The konekogoblin who was staying in the area hired us to guide him to the town of Ifa which is the same town we were headed. I don't really mind since he is paying us 400 gold pieces, not bad considering it is not even a whole day's travel. Before I forget his name is Kinny, it is weird that we never asked his name even though he has been with us for a day and a half already.

That is it for now, I will continue with story later since our "leader" is saying that we are ready leave.