Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday Musings

am in church today, and I am yet to spontaneously combust into flames. Why am I here? My daughter is getting a blessing and her name is being recorded, so I am risking bursting into flames for my daughter. I love my family that much. 

I am seeing a lot a of familiar faces, a little older but they are still the friends I grew up with. A lot of the children have grown up, some getting married and having children of their own. All of a sudden I feel old, which got me thinking what do I want to do when I get senior citizen old? I will take advantage that I am senior citizen by getting all the 20 % discounts I can get, watch movies for free, and use all those special lanes for the elderly. I want  to get that senior citizen card and booklet. 

I am currently doing a to do list of everything that needs to be done this week, and the list getting is getting very long. I feeling a little overwhelm but I know I can do it with a lot of help from Gatorade.

I am happy that I got buy some awesome books from Book Sale for a bargain. I actually found a copy of Choose Your Adventure 1: The Cave of Time. I can't wait to read it over and over again .