Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Random Mid-week Ramblings

I don't have anything in particular to write today but again a lot of random thoughts pop into my head that instead of posting it in Facebook I think I will just post it here, so at the very least I have something to post as I don't want to break the momentum I have right now.. Enjoy!

- The heat has been really oppressive lately that it is really difficult to do anything and to make matters worse is that it is expected to get hotter in the next few days. Taking a bath has never been so satisfying as ever before.

- Of all the household chores doing the laundry is my second least favorite, since it is so time consuming to do.

- I wish I could talk about Maria Ozawa on social media but I am friends in Facebook with my parents and talk to them very often so I can't. I don't think I want to experience them asking about her.

- Cooking is a stress reliever for me and that is why I will never start a business with me doing the cooking. I might end up hating it.

- Sometimes I think that I should have taken a business related course.

- I haven't played a video game in a very long time now. That needs to be corrected.

- I see that I am a good looking person when I am not wearing glasses.