Monday, April 27, 2015

Happy Birthday Ma!

Today is my mother's 63rd birthday in this side of the world. Thankfully technology has let us talk and see each other quite often, though nothing still beats having my parents here but I am still grateful. I want to take this opportunity to share my gratitude and love to my mother.
  • Thank you for carrying and giving me life, even though I will only have a vague understanding of it 9 months is no joke. 
  • Thank you for working hard everyday to provide for us and my siblings when we were growing up. All your sacrifices for us has not gone unnoticed
  • Thank you for being there for us through the best and worst time of our lives. I know we haven't always seen each other eye to eye but you never gave up on me.
  • Thank you for showing that all woman are worthy of respect. That your gender is strong, independent, and are our equals.
  • Thank you for teaching me the value of perseverance, hard work and dedication to one's task or responsibilities. That we should never give up.
  • Thank you for teaching me that integrity and the value of a good name is one of the most precious thing a person could ever have.. 
  • Thank you for challenging me, for seeing my full potential even though I could not see it myself.
  • Thank you for teaching that family is important
  • Thank you for loving me.